The game EvoTown will not come with all GameModes listed here at the beginning of the release.
Information about the game modes will come soon.


More information coming soon




Summoning the Red Town with the weigand
Comper is a 1vs1 skill based game mode the goal is to destroy the Heseran from the enemy, only then you are a winner of the Red Town
but it is far from over.
Heseran is a wall on the opposing Vulgarian (base) that you can't destroy so quickly, it is about skill, tactics, speed and yourself.
Only one Vulgarian can win in the end and prove whether it is worth being a winner of the Red Town.


Whoever calls himself a winner is not a real Weigand of the Red Town.
Palarm is both a character and skill-based game mode.
The goal is similar to the Comper game mode to destroy the Heseran, except that Palarm gives 3 Heseran walls instead of 1 and the Heseran are twice as strong.
Heseran is a wall(s) you have to destroy to be a winner of the Red Town and to win you have to be smart you have to upgrade weapons, tactically, communicate with your teammate and be a Weigand.