INSURE is an advanced System developed by YouLex for the upcoming game EvoTown and for future games.
It is an automatic accurate as well as manual system for recognizing Cheaters/Client-Modifications
as well as mouse movement also recognizing behavior and more in MultiPlayer Modes.

Do I have to download INSURE?

When the game comes out closed beta is also included, INSURE will download itself with the game.
You have the option of uninstalling / deactivating INSURE afterwards, only you cannot start the game without INSURE.

What if I was banned innocently?

Even if the game has not yet been released, we wanted to clarify the question.
A ban that was given incorrectly by the Anti-Cheat INSURE will be released after at least 3 days
everyone who was found guilty in the game will be checked before it comes to a final ban

Ban appeal?

There will also be a ban appeal that everyone who was really innocently banned and still have the final ban can make a ban appeal.
Players who were rightly banned cannot make any ban appeals.

What is a final ban?

If you are banned by INSURE there will be a review of your account made by a member of EvoTown-team
so we can make sure that you were not incorrectly banned if a player was banned rightly then it is a final ban

All texts, questions and more that were written by YouLex and TwoLines can be edited and changed at any time